Even with the involvement of technology in many sectors, property is still operating with the same old ways with manual entries for renting. This project will focus on the need for a system which can be used easily by any owner who have difficulty in maintaining records of his/her tenants. This product is best for the persons dealing with more than one house for rent (having more property) but can also be used for individuals. The main purpose of this project is to reduce the difficulties to find rental house for the people who wants to rent houses. It is difficult for the people to find house manually as it needs more human power and time. Sometimes tenant contact the owners but the house is already rented. Also the tenant can’t find detailed information about the rental houses. On the contrary, it is difficult for the house owner to get perfect tenant. Owners sometimes wait a long time to rent their house. To solve this problem, we need a computerized system so that anyone can easily find their desired home.